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Project Description

This new fire station is designed to accommodate six firemen per shift for three work shifts.  This facility has a hi-bay vehicle garage that can house two firefighting apparatus and a paramedic unit.  The exterior and interior were designed in the contemporary modern ranch style as a contemporary expression of the many 1950’s and 1960’s style ranch houses in the surrounding community.  Breakups in massing, low pitch roofs, and plaster were used to give the a residential scale to the exterior appearance.

LEED application and sustainable design features include; high-content recycled building materials, drought tolerant planting, permeable paved surfaces that allow rain water retention, high-efficiency dimmable lighting, and extremely low flow plumbing fixtures to minimize water usage.  The floor plan was designed to maximize exterior exposure, so that as many rooms as possible would have a large window for natural lighting and natural ventilation.  All windows were specified with high-efficiency dual glazing.  Generous roof overhangs protect windows from direct solar heat gain.  Because of the mild meditteranian climate in Malibu, and through sensor operable windows thru-out the facility, we anticipate that natural ventilation will be used 80% of the time for interior temperature control.



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